Time off...

I am going to take a break for awhile which is why I have not posted or shown up to cons/events in awhile.

Ta-ta for now :)
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Cute Stare

Sound Tigers Hockey Game 10/10

Past sunday I went to Bridgeport with el_wereturkey, coyoty and Wally Wabbit for the hockey game of the Sound Tigers. During intermision we played musical chairs in cneter of the ice and Sparky the Dragon won :P It was a lot of fun but near end I wish we had more handlers because the kids turn into children of the damned and get very violent when the crowdss pill out and surrounding me and chanting 'pull his tail! pull his tail! get his head! get his head!' and I had to run for changing area :/

Other than that it was very fun ^.^;;;

I have pictures!!!
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I have fallen behind in posting stuffs I been doing and i still dont have pictures uploaded or readey to be posted so i will intead post this video i was told about during gaming fur affinity convention this weekend for you to watch until I am ready.



It wierd, I think that we talk to each others using our furry names or interoduce ourselfs to strangers in furry fandom as our furry names and that we often only know each other by our furry names even if it thought to be close or long friendships. Sometimes I remember how wierd that it really is and it stops me a moment and I think about it. i think its like a rebirth in some ways, You are like reinventing yourself or the yourself that you want to be seen as, at least in beginning because whatever you want to be seen as usually becomes who you are if poeple see enough of you that it shows thorugh if it too much fiction. It like an unreality reality that we live and sometimes i forget that or remember it or i dontknow.

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Peeple seem to get me confused with some other peeple, but how can that be since few platypus in fandom? I dont know but it has me upset when they mix up my name with someone else :(
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